October 8, 2018 Arctic Sea Ice and Meteorology with Zack Labe

Thank you for stopping by! The show aired October 8, 2018 was an interview with fellow Earth System Science PhD candidate Zack Labe. We talked about this year’s arctic sea ice and meteorology news this year. You can follow Zack on twitter here! He posts all things Arctic sea ice and meteorology as its occurring!

I mentioned The National Snow and Ice Data Center which is a great resource that posts the latest news of everything polar-related. You can find the newest sea ice data here.

In really exciting news, commercial fishing has been banned across the international waters of the Arctic Ocean. Read about the exciting news here! This excludes the Exclusive Economic Zones of Russia, USA, Canada, Greenland, and other Arctic countries.

We talked about the Northwest Passage, which did not open this year. Here are a few stories of ships that had to be rescued by Canadian Coast Guard:

In other news:

Arctic communities won’t get crucial supplies after barge cancelled due to excess sea ice

A fun piece of Arctic history.

Thank you for stopping by, next week I’ll talk about spaceflight/microgravity effects on the human brain! 🙂

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