November 12, 2018 – NASA Human Research Program’s TWINS study and its current state

Hi all!

Thank you for tuning in! On November 12, I covered NASA’s Twins study, which occurred under the Human Research Program. You can read all about the Human Research Program (HRP) here, and the 5 elements of the HRP. The Twins study is an effort by the HRP to understand the effects of long-term space travel on the human body by studying astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly. Scott Kelly embarked on a year-long mission in space while Mark stayed on Earth as a control. You can read about the twins study here! You can also read about the specific scientific goals of the 10 principal investigators making up the science team of this mission here

In 2017, preliminary findings were presented and you can hear about those here! In early 2018, they solidified some more of these preliminary findings and posted them here! The science team expects to release an integrated publication covering all the findings thus far.

Hope you join me in looking forward to what the end results say and seeing how future studies at the HRP are affected by these findings!

Have a wonderful week and happy Veterans Day!

Also, Scott Kelly wrote a book about his experience onboard the ISS, please feel free to check it out! It’s called Endurance you can find it on audible, amazon, or any book provider! I’m listening to it on Audible (which is voiced by him!) and so far it is wonderful!

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