January 31, 2019: Getting Nerdy about Phytoplankton with Joana Tavares Part 2

Greetings fellow science enthusiasts! Thank you for tuning in! Today I aired the second part of my 3-part interview with fellow Earth System Science graduate student Joana Tavares. This time she schooled me on how foraminifera are actually mixotrophs and are not particularly 100% zooplankton. You can listen to the second part of my interview down below:

Wonder what these tiny jewels of the sea look like? Wonder no more! Here are some photos! You can also learn much more about what we’re talking about here!

Image result for foraminiferaImage result for phytoplanktonIllustrations of types of phytoplankton.

Tune in next week for the last part of my interview with Joana! She will be describing some ways to get involved in marine/wetland conservation efforts and I’ll be sharing the current news on phytoplankton!


Stay curious!

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