February 7, 2019: Getting Nerdy about Phytoplankton with Joana Tavares Part 3

Greetings fellow science-minded peeps!

Thank you so much for tuning in if you did, if not, no worries! I got you covered, the episode that aired today is sadly the last part. Fret not! There will be more exciting and interesting interviews coming up so stay tuned!

This week we talk about the natural processes that produce seasonal algae blooms and how phytoplanktons can bioluminesce! It looks like this!

We also talked about algal blooms, they look like this on a massive scale! Wow! Who’da thunk such invisible creatures can be seen by the naked eye from so far away?

Interested in citizen science and in the Orange County area? Check out the following ways you can get involved in taking care of our beautiful and important OC wetlands. Joana from UCI’s Earth System Science department recommends getting involved with Amigos de Bolsa Chica, information for which you can find here! Also, the Newport Conservancy is always looking for people to get involved. You can find information about them here!

Joana also shouted out her work in making crayfish ecosystems, you can feel free to follow her on Instagram! She’s a bad-ass butt-kicker!

Stay tuned next week! We’ll have the science news roundup!

As always, stay curious!

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