February 28, 2019: Rewriting Sensationalist Headlines

Hello science peeps!

Today I went through an exercise in rewriting headlines to make them more representative of their content! Thank you for tuning in, you can find the links to everything I talked about below!

Article 1The massive glacier that formed the Great Lakes is disappearing — and greenhouse gases are to blame for its untimely demise

The corresponding science article: Rapidly receding Arctic Canada glaciers revealing landscapes continuously ice-covered for more than 40,000 years

Article 2Ice-free Arctic summers could happen on earlier side of predictions

The corresponding science article: Pacific Ocean Variability Influences the Time of Emergence of a Seasonally Ice‐Free Arctic Ocean

Article 3: Scientists Just Pulled CO2 From Air And Turned It Into Coal

The corresponding science article: Room temperature CO2 reduction to solid carbon species on liquid metals featuring atomically thin
ceria interfaces

Article 4: More Support for Planet Nine

The corresponding science articles: Orbital Clustering in the Distant Solar System

The Planet Nine Hypothesis

Article 5: The Unsolved Mystery of the Earth Blobs



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