April 4, 2019: Discovering habitat restoration and invasive species with Jack Smith from Tree People part 3

Hello science peeps, today I aired the last part of my interview with Tree People’s Jack Smith. I had a blast conducting this interview and we recorded 2.5 hours of content, from which I lost 45 min due to technological issues. Sorry about that! The episode that aired today is below if you’d like to listen to it. We talked about type converted areas and other things relating to complications with invasive species. Check it out below!


If you have no idea what any of this is and have 1.75 hours to listen to the raw unedited interview, you may do so below!

Thank you guys so much for tuning in. Next week there might be a 15 min show or none at all. Stay tuned, you can catch me on twitter to stay tuned to the news!

As always, stay curious.

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